Upcoming Events

Dharma Talk: Gabe Keller Flores – Gathering, Stewarding, and Directing Energy for Awakening

Sunday, September 15
10:10 AM – 11:10 AM

About Gabe Keller Flores: Gabe Keller Flores is Common Ground Meditation Center’s Office Manager and serves on the Board of Directors, as well as the Advisory Committee on matters of equity and accessibility. He is a dedicated dharma practitioner, having spent about one year of his life doing intensive retreat practice. He’s been practicing at Common Ground since 2008, and his appreciation for the dharma continues to deepen. He approaches teaching as an opportunity to practice honest and compassionate reflection on current inquiries, insights, and challenges in his practice. Gabe is a graduate of Carleton College and is excited to return to NBMC, where he practiced while in school.

Practice Period

Saturday, September 21
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

These next nine months the Practice Period Group will be using Bhikkhu Analayo’s book, Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide. Analayo is a highly praised Buddhist scholar, an ordained Buddhist monk in the Sri Lankan lineage, and an inspiring meditation teacher. But, most importantly Analayo is a committed practitioner and he spends most of each year in retreat. Everyone is welcome to attend these monthly practice groups regardless if you do the reading.  For those of us reading the book, please read to the end of chapter two for our September meeting.

See the Practice Period Google Group for more information: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/nbmc-practice-period

Dharma Talk: Ajahn Punnadhammo

Sunday, October 20
10:10 AM – 11:10 AM

Dharma Talk: Courtney Work(Taipi, Taiwan)

Sunday, November 24
10:10 AM – 11:10 AM

Dharma Talk: Edwin Kelley (Tergar)

Sunday, December 1
10:10 AM – 11:10 AM