Because of the pandemic, we will continue to remain closed for sits and events. We make this decision in keeping with the Buddhist commitment to honor and protect all life. We are sitting together online Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Read more about our virtual offerings here.

Dharma Discussions

On the Sundays we don’t have a guest speaker, our Sangha engages in Dharma Discussion after our 30 min sit. Our discussions may relate to book readings, Buddhist principles, meditation practice, and others.

We always welcome new ideas and volunteers to lead conversations. You can sign up to lead a discussion here:

Dharma Talks

After our Sunday morning sits, we often have guest speakers joining us from all over the world to give a Dharma Talk. Previous talks have ranged in topics and all have been wonderful. We record all talks and make them available under our “Dharma Talks” tab.

Here are the scheduled speakers for spring 2022:

Spring 2022

  • January 9 – Toku Scott (Clouds in Water)
  • February 6 – Carol Holly (NBMC)
  • March 6 – Ted O’Toole (Minnesota Zen Center)
  • April 3 – Justin Merritt (NBMC)
  • May 1 – Doug McGill  (Rochester)

Practice Period

Practice Period sessions are scheduled on the third Saturday morning of each month from 9:00 to 11:00a.m. Mark Nunberg, the guiding teacher at Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis, leads these sessions. 

You can join our Practice Periods using the link below:


Laurel Carrington wishes to offer free, online or in-person meditation coaching to people in the NBMC community:

I have been practicing for 11 years now, have had extensive silent retreat experience, and am familiar with a variety of practices. In addition, I’ve been doing teacher training with Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness Foundations program. If anyone would like some direction for their practice, or just someone with whom you can talk about dharma and share ideas, please contact me at and we’ll figure out a time to connect.