Doug McGill – Practicing Through the Pandemic

How should we practice through the Covid-19 pandemic? In a recent interview  Sayadaw U Tejaniya, the Burmese monk and meditation teacher, answered simply, “the same as we always practice.” Yet the intensity of the crisis, he said, reveals many aspects of Dhamma in unusually high relief, including the need to “quarantine not only the body but the mind;” the ultimate safety of sangha; the ubiquitous trap of thinking; and the power of loving-kindness aimed at all beings including the coronavirus, and Donald Trump.

About Doug: Doug McGill is the guiding teacher of the Rochester Meditation Center in Rochester, MN, which he founded in 2004. A former reporter for The New York Times and bureau chief for Bloomberg News, he’s taught and written about Dhamma and meditation since 2013. A student of the insight meditation teachers, Steve Armstrong and Kamala Masters, and the direct path teacher, Rupert Spira, his teaching blends elements from both traditions. In 2019, he edited and wrote the Introduction to “Relax and Be Aware: Mindfulness Meditations for Clarity, Confidence and Wisdom,” by Sayadaw U Tejaniya. Since 2013, he has published “The Daily Tejaniya,” a daily email practice message from Sayadaw U Tejaniya; and taught a six-week “Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation” class several times a year.

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